The program deals ONLY with Championships, on the bases of which there are also statistics to be analyzed.

The program collects the following statistics for each team of the Championship.

Position of the team in the championship before the current match.

Clean Sheet as home team, (The times that the team didn’t conceded a Goal) means, how good defense is playing when playing at home.

 (Big percentage = good defense)

Failure to Score at Home: (The times that the team failed to score a goal as Home Team).The lower the percentage (green score), means the team better it scores.

Power: The team’s strength is assessed by the results of the (Victories – Defeats – Draws) in its last 6 games. (The bigger number means better Display)

Goal Average (scored): Average Goal scored by the team in the championship.

Average goal(conceded): Average Goal conceded by the team in the championship.

The “Wins” column refers to the average goal of HOME as a percentage of the team’s wins in the league, in home.

The corresponding ones apply to the Away Team statistics.

Note: The program evaluates – it collects the above statistics after the 6th match of each team and does not take into account the last 5 games where the position of the teams is more or less determined, not to be interested in losing from a team that ranks 18th and wants the victory to be saved from relegation …

F i n d B e t 4 Y o u

Finally, the Find Bet 4 YOU column finds for each of us, based on calculations and analysis – a comparison of the statistics (FindBet4U © algorithms), possible results of the matches.

 • 1st Half Goal: This column indicates that there is an increased chance for a goal to the 1st half.

Match Result (Tip FT): This column if it contains 1 or 2 means that the FindBet4U algorithm calculates an increased chance of winning the home team (1) or the Away (2).

Double Chance: This is the same as the Match Result, we have an increased chance of winning or draw either Home (1X) or Away (2X).

B.T.S: Both Teams Score in the Match. In this column, when the percentage is higher than 53% (green indication), the FindBet4U algorithm calculate an increased chance for both teams to score in the match.

Over2.5 Match: In this column, the FindBet4U algorithms calculate odds to score over 2.5 goals in the match. Choose the filter to be greater than 2.9 (green)

• Finally, the SCORE column: The FindBet4U algorithm analyzing all data predicts the probable score of the match. At this point, let’s note that statistically it is between 25% and 30%, but it helps us in the other columns (Over, Goals, etc.)


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